2017 Was Brought To You By #BlackGirlMagic

With all the trends and hashtags of 2017, we gotta say, Black Girl Magic was at the top of the list. Even though skeptics think it’s foolish to consider black women magical; last year gave us reason to believe!

Just look at all the mess that surrounds Hollywood right now. Despite the rumors and drama, women like Ava DuVernay and Issa Rae proved they came to work, and nothing was more important than producing.

Already standing tall with her 2012 Prize at Sundance, Golden Globe, and Academy Award nominations, 2017 saw DuVernay become the first black woman to receive over 100 million dollars to produce her live action film A Wrinkle in Time (starring a black female protagonist, by the way).

Then there was comedian Tiffany Haddish giving us life, hosting her first taping of Saturday Night Live, and becoming the first female black comedian to do so. And, super-hot mega pop star Rihanna dropping her mattelicious make up line Fenty. Both women had us puckered up and busting a gut with Black Girl Magic!

But Black Women showed up in more places than the entertainment industry. Even though we reluctantly said goodbye to the Obamas from the White House, Americas first Black FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, reminded us to always go high when they go low; advice we could take to the bank–or the polls; as we watched the city of Atlanta elect their first Black Female Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.

And with dreams of becoming more first in high places, Black women of all ages proved that education is the number one gateway drug to success.

Take for instance the 22-year old MIT student Tiera Guinn. Inspired by the film Hidden Figures, Guinn has excelled in her classes at MIT. And even though she hasn’t earned her degree in aeronautics and astronautics, Tiera Guinn is already working as a Rocket Structural Design and Analysis Engineer for the Space Launch System Boeing is building for NASA. A rocket that will not only be the most powerful in history but, is designed to take people to Mars.

Back in 2013, CaShawn Thompson decided it was time to make the Black Girl Magic movement go viral. She recognized that there were black women and black girls all over the world (but especially in America) who deserved the support and recognition for their struggles, triumphs, and decisions to love themselves first. She started the idea of Black Girl Magic to simply uplift and support the black woman when no one else would. But don’t get it twisted, Black Girl Magic has been in effect for centuries. And while we don’t have time to give a full history lesson, we thought it necessary to acknowledge the black women of 2017, who not only proved Black Women are winning but, will continue to win and selflessly carry the torch for decades to come. 2017 was proof that we can start trends, open businesses, and support each other no matter the circumstances. And if, we stumble, if we get distracted, if we feel we are losing our grip, we can always channel the inspiring, the powerful, and the divine words of the most fabulous Black Congresswoman from California Maxine Waters, (or as we like to call her Auntie Maxine) to dust ourselves off and assertively reclaim our time!

– Crystal Starr


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