5 Celebrities Fighting To Make A Difference In The Education System

Under Trump’s presidency, the education system is facing major cutbacks that will undoubtedly impact minority children the most. Public schools face the potential for less funding; after school program cuts are eminent; and many college students face high rates of student loan debt. Although our government has been failing us, unlikely heroes have risen. Some of the biggest stars today are stepping forward to do what they can for the education system. And while Chance the Rapper and Nicki Minaj have been given the lion’s share of publicity for their endeavors in the last few months, they are not the only ones out there giving back. Here is a list of celebrities that have taken initiative in helping public school and college students alike through monetary donations.

  1. John Legend and the Seattle School District

Even when doing philanthropic acts, John Legend likes to keep a low profile. He donated $5000 under his real name, John Stephens, to a GoFundMe page about Seattle’s school district lunch debt. Jeff Law, a Seattle resident, made the page to help Seattle’s $20,500 school lunch debt. The debt is this large because the school has to provide bagged lunches for students who don’t qualify for free or reduced lunch. However, these bagged lunches can make a student feel singled out or lesser than to children with reduced lunch. Since then, the GoFundMe page has $44,000 of its $50,000 goal.

  1. Big Sean and the Sean Anderson Foundation








Big Sean and his foundation continues to give back to his hometown. Through his foundation, he has donated $15,000 to Wayne State University’s HIGH Program. This donation will help homeless students pay for college expenses. The program aims to make a stable environment for the homeless children through financial means. Since last year, Big Sean has dedicated himself to helping his community. Before this, he created business education lessons called Mogul Prep and has raised money for the Flint water crisis.

  1. Colin Kaepernick’s “Know Your Rights” Campaign

Although Kaepernick remains unsigned in the NFL, he continues to advocate and give back to the black community. He has used his wealth to bring his “Know Your Right” camp to Chicago. This camp is one day long and teaches children about higher education, self empowerment, and rules to keep them safe from the police. He was joined by artists like Common and Keri Hilson. Chicago is a place with high rates of crime, murder, and police brutality, so teaching children these skills could really save lives.

  1. Gloria Carter and the Shawn Carter Foundation

Inspired by the graduation season, Ms. Gloria Carter has decided to partner with eBay for a charity auction. This auction allows donations and bidding from fans on signed celebrity items and experiences. One can participate in the auction or make direct donations to the Shawn Carter Foundation. Direct donations allow one to be entered into a raffle where the prize is a Roc Nation Headquarter VIP tour. All of the money raised goes toward helping children pay for public transportation, a college meal plan, academic books, and campus bus tours.

  1. Ludacris and the Frank Ski Kids Foundation

This year, Frank Ski and his foundation came together to throw a charity wine event. This event was held in Atlanta and hosted by Ludacris. During this event, regular people have the chance to interact with the star-studded celebrities who attend. They are able to mingle, listen to stories, or even hear advice from celebrities about business. Tickets range from $150 to $250 depending on the package and all proceeds go towards college scholarships and field trips. Ski puts together these field trips to help inspire children on possible careers that interest them.

-Amalachi Okpalanma



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