Kendrick Lamar is NOT Banning Cell Phones from His Concerts


Despite recent reports, Kendrick Lamar wants to make it clear that he IS NOT banning cell phones from his concerts.  After reps stated that photographs would not be allowed, outlets took that to mean all personal photography.  However, K.Dot’s new policy only includes professional photographers and cameras.  Cell phones, and cell phone pictures will be okay.  Professional outlets that want to use photographs in their publications will have to use those taken by Top Dawg Entertainment’s photographers if they want professional grade pictures.

The initial reports of a ban on cell phones, were not as far fetched as many took them to be.  Quite a few performers are now instituting that policy for their performances. Comedian Kevin Hart’s shows are notorious for kicking people out for using their cell phones, even just to make calls.  Alicia Keys, Dave Chapelle, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars are known to institute the use of Yondr bags, which lock the fan’s phone inside of a pouch, that can only be opened with a special device upon exiting the performance venue.  The intent is to protect the artists’ image and content, as well as to create an experience more human, and less technology driven.

However, K. Dot’s reps have clarified that he is not joining those ranks.  While he would like to control the professional images created of him during performances, fans are still allowed to use cell phones to take pictures and record as he embarks on his current European tour.  The policy will also hold true in TDE’s upcoming “The Championship Tour”, which will include Lamar’s labelmates, SZA, Schoolboy Q, Jay Rock, and Ab-soul.


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