Action Bronson Sued By Puerto Rican Salsa Group


By Larry Davis (@vijzion)

According to reports, a Puerto Rican salsa group by the name of El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico is suing rapper Action Bronson for sampling their music without their permission.

The group claims that Bronson admitted to sampling the music from their songs “Falsaria” and “Trampolin” for his song “Mofongo” without asking them during an interview in 2011.

Now ever since then, it has been stated that Action Bronson has been making money from his single. El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico think that’s not fair. The group feels as if the distribution of “Mofongo” should come to a halt simply because they deserve to be compensated for the amount of money that “Mofongo” has made so far.

So far, El Combo de Puerto Rico hasn’t disclosed the amount in which they are suing for.