AJ Johnson On Being A Wellness Coach, How To Be A Better You


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The ‘Baby Boy’ actress takes a step away from Hollywood to run her own wellness company

While AJ Johnson may be best known as Jody’s momma in the 2001 film Baby Boy, what many people may not know is that over the last several years, the veteran actress has dedicated her life’s work to being a health and wellness coach to both celebrities and non-celebrities alike.

One of Johnson’s clients, Gabrielle Union, made headlines when she stood before an audience at the ESSENCE’s Black Women in Hollywood luncheon to give a candid confession about how she once “lived for the negativity inflicted” upon her fellow actresses of color out of insecurity and competitiveness. In an interview with Oprah, Union revealed that it was Johnson and her work as a wellness coach that inspired the actress to deliver such a speech.

More recently, Johnson, 50, was seen using her expertise to help rebuild Lindsay Lohan’s life and career in a special docu series. With her company, The AJ Zone, Johnson is helping many people and corporations live a life of complete wellness, which includes fitness, nutrition and spiritual balance

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