“All Eyez On Me” Opening Weekend & Celebrity Response

The Tupac Shakur Biopic “All Eyez On Me” surpassed expectations with an opening weekend of $27million. Having cast a wide net with pre-sale tickets, many of those sales are attributed to the excited pre-committed public. The film, directed by Benny Boom, and produced by LT Hutton, was projected to gross between $15million and $22million, making its weekend pull an unquestionable success.

However, the film has been facing some backlash from both the general public and Pac’s close friends. Jada Pinkett Smith took to social media to state her disappointment with the film. The scenes depicting her and Tupac were disingenuous, a reimagining of their relationship which she stated were “deeply hurtful” in their misrepresentation.

50 Cent also took to social media, stating that the film was “trash” and people should watch it on their firestick.  But there are also supporters of the film. Both Diddy and Suge Knight gave the film their stamp of approval. The Game posted on IG supporting the movie and telling anyone who has an issue or anything negative to say what he felt Tupac himself would have said.

MC Hammer also took to social media making it clear that the film is a MOVIE not a documentary, and that the portrayals are honest and truthful.

Compared to the model that 2015’s Straight Outta Compton created, All Eyez On Me seems to have been a weekend failure. However, taking into account its competition, (a women’s film and a kid’s film on Father’s Day Weekend), and the mixed reviews and mixed messages from before the film was even released (John Singleton’s rants against it), it’s really going to take one more weekend to get a gauge of what direction this film is heading in. However, the most important thing is to recognize that this film is for the culture. And rather than take the opinions of random social media strangers, it is important for us to make our own decisions.



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