An Unreleased, Sure To Be Classic Collaborations Of Snoop and Nate Dogg Could Be On The Way

Snoop And Nate Dogg

Written By: Larry Davis (@vizjion) for Doxygen Media

Well, first things first…

Snoop Dogg has done what he has been aiming to do for his newest album, BUSH; create a funky sound. The legendary rapper collaborated with, Pharrell, to create an album that has a retro twist to it. Throughout BUSH, you can catch a groove of the 70s and 80s.

During an interview with VIBE magazine, Snoop stated that there was a song on the album that featured the late, great, Nate Dogg. He goes on to say to that the name of the song is “Wintertime in June”.  In classic fashion, Nate Dogg sung the chorus and bridge to the record. Now, when it comes to the creative process, Snoop admitted that it wasn’t easy. It took him a year to make the song. According the legendary rapper, it was hard to write his part of the song because every time he would hear Nate Dogg’s voice, he would get emotional. So, he decided to hire someone to write his verses for him and it turned out to be great.  I wonder how many more Nate Dogg collaborations he’s got locked away?

Will the song be released to the masses in the near future? According to Snoop, it probably will.



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