Atlanta DJ Accused Of Hiring Friend To Kill His Wife


An Atlanta man named Andre Pugh, who works under the name DJ Awesome, has been arrested in a murder-for-hire plot against his wife. Tiffany Pugh, a mother of two, died Nov. 23, in what appeared to be a fatal robbery attempt.

Police say Pugh hired his childhood friend, Adrian Harley, to kill his wife. She was found shot in the head with a small child straddling her chest. The couple’s son and daughter were sleeping in another room at the time.

Andrew works at Club Onyx, in Atlanta. He was arrested at work last Saturday (Dec. 4), and booked on murder, conspiracy to commit  burglary, and conspiracy to commit murder. He has since hired a lawyer. Harley was booked on the same charges, and has waved his initial appearance court appearance. Harley reportedly helped carry Pugh’s casket at her funeral.

The day of the murder Andre wrote on Facebook, “Why did they take my wife?! My kid’s mom?! Where did i go wrong?!” His page is flooded with condolences, and posts from friends maintaining his innocence.  Andre also posted a message on Tiffany’s Facebook page that read in part, “I miss you love you and want you back so much.”

A friend of the victim, who remained anonymous, told a local news outlet that Andre’s Facebook behavior has been suspicious .”On Facebook, it didn’t seem like a grieving husband,” she said.


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