Attorney Mosby Will Not Release Autopsy Report during Trial

5.14.14- Marylin Mosby, candidate for Baltimore City States Attorney who is running against Gregg Bernstein. Portraits outside of the Baltimore City Circuit Courthouse. (The Daily Record/Adam Bednar)

Written By: Larry Davis (@vizjion)

As many of us know, the Freddie Gray situation took America for a loop. The Baltimore Police Department vs The People protests had African American communities livid to capacity. On April 19th, Gray died from a severe spin. Records show that on April 12th, the police chased Freddie Gray. The reason behind the chase still remains a mystery. During the chase, Gray fell to the ground. After falling, police restrained Gray by pressing their knees to his back. The officers applied a good deal of pressure to his back, cracking Gray’s spine in the process.. After the cops apprehended him to the point where he could no longer move, they heaved Gray into the back of a police van, where he suffered more life-threatening injuries. Unfortunately, Freddie Gray died a week later.

Furthermore, the officers that were involved in this situation were not initially charged with the murder of Freddie Gray. Those non-convictions caused more uproar in African American communities nationwide.

Due to the turnaround of events, the Freddy Gray situation is going to trial in full effect. So far, many intricate details have not been released; however, according to the Baltimore Sun, Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby is “going to make sure that Freddie Gray’s autopsy report isn’t going to be released.”

According to Mosby, by not releasing Gray’s autopsy, Freddy will have a fair trial. On the other hand, Attorney Ivan Bates, the one who is representing one of the officers responsible for Freddie Gray’s murder, says that “keeping the autopsy report away will only make the trial unfair.”  He goes on to report, “Mrs. Mosby is the one who did an announcement discussing what she said the evidence was in a nationally televised speech. Now that it is time to turn over the evidence, to ask for a protective order is beyond disingenuous.”

Honestly, no one really cares about an autopsy. All they care about is seeing the people who killed Freddie Gray get the deserved punishment and/or justice .

Do you think that the autopsy report will be a crucial part of the Freddy Gray trial? Let’s discuss…



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