B.I.G’s Trendsetting Fashion Choices

By Rikkaya Wilson

“I put hoes in NY onto DKNY…Miami, DC preferred Versace” – Notorious B.I.G

Christopher “Biggie Smalls” Wallace was arguably the king of east coast rap. From his iconic flow, theatrical music videos, and unpredictable collaborations, the Notorious B.I.G was no doubt a rapper with a vision. Whatever you choose to remember on the 20th anniversary of the hip-hop heavyweight’s death, please include the fact that this man was a top notch dresser. Biggie’s passion for fashion carried from his appearance over to his most memorable songs. Let’s rank the top five Biggie Smalls fashion moments:

  1. The Coogi Sweater


Since Biggie stunted in the colorful Coogi sweater, it has become a staple piece in every rapper’s closet. From Drake to ASAP Rocky this sweater really gets around. It takes a real man to wear pink but an even bigger man to sport a rainbow-esque sweater and B.I.G was just the man to take it on.









  1. Bad Boy Jersey

Of course you know every word to the song “Juicy”, (who doesn’t) but do you remember that bright yellow Bad Boy jersey he sported on the video? Biggie went back to his roots and shot in front of where he used to live and the jersey repped more than the Bad Boy label, it was a representation that he made it to the big leagues. You can probably cop a copycat jersey on one of those Instagram boutiques but don’t say I told you so.



  1. Kangol Hat

LL Cool J may have been the pretty boy who made it cool to rock a Kangol, but Biggie made it gangsta to wear a Kangol Wool 504. Every rapper since Biggie that has tried to sport a Kangol drivers hat just didn’t look the same. Did Biggie just have the perfect sized head for it? Is it because we’re so used to seeing it on his head? How was he so smooth with it? Look at him!







  1. Black Leather Jacket

Yes, Biggie Smalls was a big fellow but it wasn’t just his music that made the ladies swoon. The rapper never let his weight stop him from expressing his fashionable ways. When the “Get Money” singer dressed up in this black leather jacket ensemble, complete with the black hat and the gold chain, he had all the ladies calling him “Big Poppa”. B.I.G was the original “Mr. Steal Your Girl” (sorry Trey Songz).




  1. Gold Crown

When Biggie was called to grace the cover of Rolling Stone he pulled out his most iconic accessory to date. The gold crown was stylistically tipped to the side in true Biggie fashion. What’s more fitting for the king of rap than a crown?





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