Beaumont Writes a Biography on Kanye West





By Larry Davis (@vijzion)

Author Mark Beaumont has wrote a three hundred and fifty-two page biography on Kanye West titled Kanye West: God and Monster. The book focuses on West’s musical career. Throughout the book, people will get the chance to see how the Yeezus rapper’s started and how he got to become the big producer and artist that everyone knows him as today.

Now as far as details on Kanye’s personal life, The Denver Post has reported that Kanye West: God and Monster doesn’t give much of that. Beaumont revealed that he didn’t conduct an interview with West for the biography; so, as a result, he had to pull most of his information from past public statements.

Surprisingly, the Overlook Press release of the Kanye West: God and Monster does include parts in which Beaumont analyzes Kanye’s lyrics while overly complimenting him for his musical creations.

With the information that has been given, do you think that Kanye West’s biography would be good enough to buy?

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