“Being Mary Jane” to End in 2018 With 2 Hour Series Finale

The popular BET scripted series Being Mary Jane, starring Gabrielle Union, will conclude in 2018. The show will forego a final season and instead end with a two-hour TV movie as the series finale.

Opting for a TV movie instead of a season finale makes sense given that the show debuted with a 90-minute TV movie in July of 2013. The movie drew in four million viewers, paving the way for the eventual series, which premiered in January 2014.

While the 90-minute pilot drew big numbers for the network, the series has been on the downturn in recent years. Season 4, which consisted of 20 episodes, only drew over one million viewers three times. The series hit a low rating with episode 15, only drawing 580,000 viewers. The Season 4 Finale drew 820,000 viewers.

Not only has decreased viewership hurt the show’s standing, but a rotating production team has made it hard for the show to find consistency.

Mara Brock Akil, who created the show with her husband, Salim Akil, left after season three for a deal with Warner Bros. Erica Shelton Kodish took over for season four, but she too left for a deal with CBS. Had the series moved forward with season five, a new writing and production team would have been brought in.

BET could have closed the chapter on Being Mary Jane following the season four finale, saving some cash in the process, but giving the series a two-hour finale shows their appreciation for Union, the rest of the staff, and the audience.

The show’s official Twitter page asks, “Will MJ finally have it all?” in reference to the upcoming series finale.

Being Mary Jane follows Atlanta news anchor Mary Jane (Union) as she struggles with the trials and tribulations of life. She wants what most in life want: to be successful and to have a family.

The season four finale ended with a cliff hanger proposal as Justin (Michael Ealy) got down on one knee in front of MJ. This came after MJ chose Kara (Lisa Vidal) over Justin for the role of executive producer on her show and went to get implanted with an embryo so she could become impregnated.

The series finale will likely tie everything together, as there were plenty of questions left at the finale. Did MJ say yes? If so, will Justin be ok with the kid not being his? Does MJ regret getting the embryo implant thinking Justin was leaving her? How will work be different without Justin around?

No date has been announced for the series finale.

—Jeremy Lambert


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