#BlackLivesMatter Co-Founder Responds To Bill O’Reilly’s Claim It’s An Anarchist Organization


By: Shenequa Golding for Vibe @GoldingGirl617

The phrase Black Lives Matter has become a rallying cry for many who take to the streets to protest the unjustified police shootings of un armed black men and women in America.

And while many believe the movement has shed light on police brutality, Fox NewsHost Bill O’Reilly thinks the grassroots movement is doing the opposite, and went as far to refer to it as a anarchist organization.

Huffington Post’s Marc Lamont Hill conducted a Skype interview with the organization’s co-founder Patrisse Cullors in which she responded to O’Reilly’s claims, saying his words–despite how heinous–need to be taken seriously.

“I think we need to hold him accountable. He’s similar to Rush Limbaugh, but problematic,” Cullors said. “On the one hand we can laugh about it, but folks are really watching that thinking that it’s real news.”

Cullors said the organization, which has 26 chapters across the country and a few inside Toronto, was created in response to George Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict.

“I challenge Bill O’Reilly, does he want to live in a country where black folks die on a daily basis?”