Chance the Rapper Will Be Collaborating With Kanye West in Upcoming Music


By Larry Davis (@vizjion)

It seems as if some of Chicago’s best rappers may come together to make some music.

Recently, Chance the Rapper went on Windy City Live to do an interview. During the interview, the rapper hinted at a possible collaboration with Kanye West. The Surf emcee went on to say, “Kanye is my favorite musician. I look up to him a lot. We started working very recently and have a lot of cool ideas brewing.” Then, after much hesitation, Chance really confirmed that he was going to work Kanye by stating, “Me, Kanye, a lot of Chicago artists, and a lot of dope artists are working on a collaborative effort that will be released tentatively.”

Well, knowing Kanye’s track record, this collaboration may be a great one.

To catch the full interview, watch the video below.