Chris Brown Barred From Leaving the Phillippines


By Larry Davis (@vizjion)

On Tuesday, R&B singer Chris Brown went to the Philippines to do a show. After he performed, he was supposed to leave the country to go to Indonesia to perform at another show; however, as CB was about to leave, he was told that he couldn’t. According to reports, the R&B singer was barred from leaving the Asian nation because he failed to pay a concert promoter for a show that he missed during last year’s New Year’s Eve.

Now, the only way that Chris Brown can be able to leave the Phillippines is the country’s Department of Justice consents to a clearance certificate that the singer’s must request. However, instead getting that certificate, the R&B singer did what most young celebrities do whenever something happens to him; he took his issue to social media, but he did give the truth.

Here’s what Brown tweeted;