Chrissy Teigen’s 10 MOST Awesome Trump Tweets!!!

Chrissy Teigen is opinionated, candid and quite entertaining. In true fashion, the model, actress and wife of singer John Legend made headlines last week, as she was officially blocked on Twitter by President Donald Trump. Both Teigen and the President are avid social media users. “The Don” is infamous for tweeting more so than any of his predecessors. It all started a few days ago with a tweet from the President, that read “It is very sad Republicans were willing to do very little to protect their President.” (In regards to the recent failed health bill.) Teigen promptly responded in her usual “Trump Trolling” way stating “Loll no one likes you.”

Apparently that was enough to spawn a reaction from Trump as he took to the social media site a couple days later and imminently blocked her on July 25th. Much to the amusement of Teigen, the outspoken mom of one responded by stating “After 9 years of hating Donald Trump and telling him ‘Lol no one likes you’ was the last straw” and “A part of me is so happy he blocked me on Twitter”.

Teigen has been known to get things stirred up on social media with her random unorthodox comments over the years. With everything from fame, to mommy shamers, to sexual exploits with her husband are a few examples. But no doubt her Trump tweets have been by far the best. So in honor of 45’s blocking of Chrissy Teigen, we present (In no particular order) Teigen’s Top 10 Trump Trolls






























(In response to People Magazine putting Donald Trump on the front page as a cover story in November 2016 upon his election.)









In response trying to make Hillary out to be worst than he is while he was being on investigated for sexual harassment against minors









Other celebrities recently blocked by the Commander In Chief include author Stephen King, actress Marina Sirtis, Cyclist Joe Papp, and Rosie O’Donnell who has long feuded with the Trump, and promptly tweeted to the model, “welcome – smart beautiful one.”

Keep on doing YOU Chrissy! We love it.


-DeShonna Watson



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