Comedy Favorite Mike Epps to Star in ABC’s Upcoming “Uncle Buck” Remake


Written By: Socorro Kenoly for Doxygen Media

Mike Epps fans are pleased to hear of him taking on TV in an unexpected yet fitting starring role. The beloved 1989 film, “Uncle Buck”, starring the late John Candy, will be incarnated for a third time with an all black cast on ABC.

After trolling through commentary on many sites, the idea of the show, written by Steven Cragg and Brian Bradley, isn’t going over too well with “Uncle Buck” or John Candy fans. There is a hint of racism involved in public opinion to say the least. With comments like, “What’s the point of an all black cast,” and, “Will there be chicken, watermelon, and grape drink too,” it is obvious some people only care to see whiteness. As the pilot was one of the last to be picked up by ABC, some viewers had hoped for a better choice, mostly attributed to the sentiment that actor John Candy could never be replaced as the beloved Uncle Buck character.

The show not only stars Epps, but black Hollywood sweetheart Nia Long and James Lesure of “Men at Work”. With the same family dynamics of the original movie, ABC’s “Uncle Buck” could be a TV favorite this upcoming season. Can this all black dynamic contribute to the show carrying it’s own weight on ABC? America is soon to find out.


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