Conor McGregor: Setting the UFC world on fire!

In case you haven’t heard…

Conor McGregor is feeling himself! If you are not familiar with the world of boxing, let me enlighten you! McGregor, who is a professional mixed martial artist (MMA), refers to himself as “The Notorious”. He is the reigning lightweight champion and former featherweight champion. And currently seems to be the UFC’s star poster boy. For good reason.

A native of Dublin, Ireland, his fiery attitude and cocky persona has seemed to keep him in the spotlight throughout his career. The fighter is known for causing a stir, with his attention seeking behavior. For example, back in April of 2016 he abruptly announced to his 15 million Twitter fans that he was ending his MMA career just days before his highly anticipated fight with Boxer Nate Diaz. Only to two days later, state that he was still training for the match. The tweet briefly became the most retweeted athlete tweet of all time. Since winning by unanimous decision in his bout with Diaz in August of 2016, with a barrage of vicious left hooks, McGregor has not stepped back in the ring. Until now.

It was recently announced, that the lightweight champ will fight the legendary undefeated Floyd “Money” Mayweather next month. Mayweather, who has never been beaten in his career, currently holds an astonishing 49-0 record, for the best all time. In the history of the sport. He has defeated the likes of boxing greats Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Paquiao as of late.

As a result of the bout, McGregor’s recent overly charismatic behavior has popped him right back in the limelight. And it seems regardless of who wins, that Mayweather, who’s known for talking shit, has met his trash talking match. (Even if that recent training knockout makes his match in the ring kinda suspect). As the two have been promoting the match over the last two weeks (with Mayweather making a flabbergasting $200 million just to show up) the trash talk has become quite entertaining and somewhat of a circus! Mostly on McGregor’s end. With him doing everything including showing up to a recent press conference with UFC President Dana White in a pin striped “Fu*k you” suit, (Yes it literally spelled those words.)

Most assumed this to be an underlying message aimed at the unblemished Mayweather. Then there is also the snakeskin wearing capes and dark ray band sunglasses, in a recent appearance as he went on a particularly gutsy rant boasting about knocking the reigning champ out to “stun the world”. Then calling out the boxer as well as rapper 50 Cent, and known Mayweather affiliate, as “Fake Money Bitches”. Of course Fif did not let that one slide as he promptly commenced to roast the MMA fighter as he trolled him through the mud on social media. Those are just a few of his over the top antics.

With all that said, is this eccentric unpredictable conduct really him? Or is it all for show? To get us talking. Is McGregor too excessive and overconfident? Or is the man just flat out crazy?

Perhaps it is a little bit of both. Or maybe it’s just all about the Benjamin’s.



-DeShonna Watson


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