Donald Trump Vs. Lavar Ball


Social media can be full of abundance or completely dreadful. Hence, as a form of free speech it can be a beastly advocate of pettiness and unnecessary nonsense. Thus, has been the case in the current Donald Trump vs. Lavar Ball saga. This being the latest fiasco involving sports and politics, courtesy of our Twitter-happy-tapping President of the U.S. Lavar Ball is ironically an ex-pro football player and father of L.A. Lakers rookie point guard Lonzo Ball, as well as his two younger brothers Liangelo and LaMelo. The elder Ball, whom although a good businessman, has been portrayed as brash and cocky as they come. As of late, the ascending media personality steadily finds himself in the news for one reason or another.

The craziness all started when his 18-year-old son Liangelo was detained by the Chinese police department for shoplifting sunglasses while over in China for a team tournament a couple of weeks ago. The middle son, LaMelo Ball, is a promising freshman at UCLA. He and two other teammates made national headlines when President Trump tweeted about helping the three boys get released by negotiating with the Chinese government, while on a twelve-day Presidential trip to Asia. The fiery commander-in-chief then followed up with another statement insinuating he should have been praised and recognized for his assistance with the matter. When that didn’t come, he began a rant on Twitter in reference to the situation, aiming his frustration at the elder Ball, with such things as “I should’ve left them in jail.” And calling him an “ungrateful fool.”

In turn, Ball would fire back stating “I don’t have to go around saying thank you to everybody. Like he stopped them from serving 10 years?” and “If I was going to thank someone, I would probably thank Chinese president Xi Jinping.” Then began the fiasco between the two grown men as neither one of them could see past their egos.

Over the course of the past Thanksgiving week, the two went back in forth in a war of words. Ball even appeared on CNN to address the issue, where he continued to downplay Trump’s role in the matter, giving him zero credit in the situation. Then he went on to acclaim himself as the main reason for his son’s release. (Again, in the similar “It’s all about me” fashion as Trump). How ironic…
And most recently, Lavar Ball announced he wants to end this feud with the President by sending him a pair of ZO2’s…”So he can calm down a little bit” ….hilarious.

In hindsight, some have agreed with the President, for example rapper Master P was recently asked about the situation, and he stated that Ball needed to show more appreciation to Trump than he has. Others find the President’s obsession with the matter immature and irrelevant. By and large, no matter who you side with, the bigger question is this: Why is this even an issue? Why is the most powerful man in the world entertaining this? In the end, the Lavar Ball feud is just another example of a miscue of priorities. This has become an unfortunate trend in the Donald Trump presidency. As he seems to have more interest in trivial Twitter beefs with professional athletes (remember the Stephen Curry ordeal just last month) than focusing on major issues like North Korea, tax bill reform and passing a decent health care bill. So, whether it’s Lavar Ball, James Comey, Colin Kaepernick or Rosie O’Donnell, what’s really happening is deflection at its finest from the real issues that exist.

With almost a year in office, and a current approval rating of just 38% (the lowest of any President at this stage of their tenure), as the pointless Twitter gripes continue to add up, that whole “Make America Great Again” gibberish is starting to sound more and more like a big ass hypocritical broken record…

As 2016 frontrunner Senator Hilary Clinton clearly stated in a recent comment:

“Honestly, between tweeting and golfing, how does he get anything done?”

-DeShonna Watson


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