Doxygen Media Presents Icons of Black History: Octavia E. Butler

Octavia E. Butler (born June 22, 1947) was an African-American author who combined aspects of African culture and spirituality into science fiction writing. Butler’s works normally centered on strong, black female protagonists dealing with aliens, racism, violence, sexism, classism, and a host of other issues.

Butler worked many jobs to make due throughout her life, but stuck to the strict habit of writing every morning. Her breakout novel, Kindred, was published in 1979. The novel is the story of an African American woman who travels backward in time to save her ancestor, a white slave owner. Butler went on to write a series of other novels including the Xenogenesis trilogy (1987), and The Parable Series (1993-1998).

In 1995, Octavia Butler became the first science fiction writer to receive the MacArthur Foundation Grant. At the age of 58, Octavia Butler died in Seattle, Washington on February 24, 2006. While many of Butler’s stories were fiction, it was so heavily supported by truth many readers believe that her words were prophetic.


Today we salute Doxygen Media Icon, Octavia E Butler, whose literature legacy still remains active in communities throughout the world.

– Carlton Rolle


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