Doxygen Media Presents Icons of Black History: Sarah E. Goode

Sarah E. Goode, born into slavery in 1855, was an entrepreneur and inventor who is was the first African-American woman to receive a United States patent back in 1885. After receiving her freedom at the end of the Civil War, she moved to Chicago and became an industrialist. Along with her husband, Goode was responsible for the creation of the folding cabinet bed which helped people who lived in tight housing to utilize their space proficiently. When the bed was folded up, it looked like a desk or writing space, with room for storage. This was done out of a necessity, as Goode herself, always resided in tight corridors. Her place in history opened a pathway for other African Americans to create their own inventions and be able to obtain legal patents for them. While little is known about her death, it is believed she passed away in April of 1905 in Chicago

In her honor, the Sarah E. Goode STEM Academy, a high school catered to math and science, was opened on the south side of Chicago in 2012.

Today Doxygen Media salutes the trailblazing pioneer, Sarah E. Goode for breaking barriers, and laying a solid path for those who would follow.


– DeShonna Watson


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