Drake Signs New R&B Artist, PLAZA, to OVO


Meet “Plaza”, Toronto’s newest O.V.O heavyweight recently signed to Drake’s independent record label. Listening to the Canadian born R&B singer reminds you of cruising up the highway around midnight, top down, with nothing but warm air and your hair blowing in the wind…The crooner’s silky vocals and melodic style should complement the roster very well, which already boasts the likes of artists like: PartyNextDoor, Roy Woods, Dvsn, OB O’Brien, and Majid Jordan.

On his five track EP entitled Shadow, Plaza’s comforting soprano voice flows over laid back beats effortlessly. Tracks such as “Over” and “Run This” give you a chill…feel good vibe. “Karma” is a ballad to a prior lover as he self reflects on past relationship issues singing,

“If you don’t wanna know then why do you ask? Why couldn’t I be there when shit was so tragic?”

The soothing sounds of “Love You Again” is a track filled with passion and sexual innuendos, flowing like a sensual love letter

Perhaps the gem of the EP is the song entitled “Personal.” On this mid-tempo jam, Plaza is at his best. As he sings about lust and private intimacy over a suave catchy hook…”I told her….they don’t gotta know nothing about us, nothing personal, they don’t gotta know nothing at all, if you wanna F**k wit me….”

Though already drawing comparisons in style to the likes of R&B singer The Weekend’s relaxed but impactful flow, Plaza is less party and more reflective. His airy vocals can become hard to understand on some verses, making his voice seemingly sound redundant at times. However, despite this bit of monotony, the singer’s debut LP does not disappoint.

Ironically, similar to his label head endorser Drizzy, Plaza’s finest attribute is invoking feeling in a humble but expressive way. With that said, will this protégé’s refreshing sound be able to create an impact and show versatility like his 6 God label head? Will this be a good endorsement? Or a colossal fail?

Is he the spark that the R&B game needs! In my opinion, Drake and his O.V.O. team has been batting pretty well lately.

Stay tuned…

– DeShonna Watson



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