Expect New Music from Pusha T at the End of the summer

pusha t

By Larry Davis (@vizjion)

Recently, rapper Pusha T was interview by Revolt TV. During the interview, the rapper talked about his upcoming album, King Push. Pusha T went on to say that he was going to release it around the end of the summer, but didn’t give an actual release date. He also didn’t give out any information about the new sound or production.

However, Pusha did let us know that he has been experimenting with the Techno/EDM sound. The Virginian rapper went on to say, “I travel all over the world and see the influence of the music… Once I get inside of the place and I see it, I’m easily persuaded. So I’m sort of on my techno/EDM swag at times.”

Now, even though he hasn’t give us any information on the album, one could predict that Pusha may put a little bit of the Techno sound in his upcoming album.

Check out the interview here