#familyfirst: Kevin Gates Wife, Dreka Gates, Will Oversee Release of New Album

Kevin Gates has another album on the way, courtesy of none other than Mrs. Dreka Gates.

The longtime significant other/business partner, and mother of Gates two children, recently announced via Twitter that she has been given the green light to manage all creative aspects of the entertainer’s latest project prior to its release, while the rapper serves a 31 month sentence.

While no official date has been given, this has to come as great news to Kevin Gates fans, as the Baton Rouge MC has not released a studio album since 2016’s “Islah”; his most successful record to date. Given the passionate nature of the pair’s relationship, this should come as no surprise. The interesting couple were high school sweethearts. Though just recently married in the fall of 2015, they have been together for 15+ years.

This is not Gate’s first go around with the law. He was also locked up in 2008, and again for a brief time in early 2014. And Dreka, the southern beauty, has been right by his side the entire time. Although rumors of infidelity and sexual exploits regarding their relationship has swirled throughout the years, the couples bond seems to be unbreakable. They are co-founders of their own independent record label B.W.A. (Bread Winners Association). In addition, Dreka has also been the driving force behind much of Gates success over the years. As his manager, she has handled much of the pair’s business dealings along the way (i.e. Booking shows, promotions, radio, interviews etc.)

With that said, the dynamic of the couple’s relationship is fickle and unorthodox at best. However, it seems to work for them. For example, sometimes they embrace the Muslim faith, and sometimes they don’t. They have both claimed to have a somewhat “open” relationship but still vow that they are loyal to each other.

But all in all, the loving nature still clearly remains strong, as they continue to hold each other down. So why shouldn’t Gates trust the Mrs. with all of his career endeavors. She hasn’t let him down yet, right?

In the end, maybe love is enough?

-DeShonna Watson


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