Obama Wants Chance The Rapper In His Presidential Studio

Without a question, in the current political climate, we miss President Obama. His presidency, although not welcomed by many, became one of the best administrations in the history of the United States. As he embedded himself within American History leaving the White House, the world gave a collective sigh watching the baton being passed to his successor.

But, true to form, President Obama was sure to leave more than just his name and picture in the pages of the history books. Earlier this month, the former President unveiled plans for the “Obama Presidential Center” in Chicago’s Jackson Park. To an audience of 300 at the South Shore Cultural Center, he said “It’s not just a building. It’s not just a park. Hopefully it’s a hub where all of us can see a brighter future for the South Side,” The unveiling of the Presidential Center could be his way of killing two birds with one stone by stabilizing the Obama legacy and uplifting his hometown, which is currently one of the most dangerous places to live in America. The center is said to feature a museum, auditorium, restaurant, public garden, library showcasing documents and artifacts from the 44th presidency; but setting it apart from other presidential facilities, it will also house a state of the art recording studio.

If you have followed the former president, having a recording studio in his center comes by no surprise. Throughout his term, Obama has shown that he is in love with two things, music and education. Every time you looked on television, there was another musical celebration at the White House. The Obamas loved music. Although they are not exclusive to genre and welcome artists from Bruce Springsteen to Chance the Rapper, the studio doesn’t seem that it would be used for a conventional purpose. However, it appears that it would be a place for music appreciation and could create an atmosphere for good conversation.

There hasn’t been an official statement from Chance the Rapper with regards to the possibility of recording in the former POTUS’ studio, his appreciation of Obama is noted. Chance is currently paying homage to the 44 with a #ThankYouObama fashion collection he started back in February 2017.

The Obama Presidential Center is set for completion in 2021. Until then, we can only image the impact the center will have on the South Side of Chicago.

-Torin Derek



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