Gina Prince Bythewood Slated To Direct The Latest Marvel Movie

As more superhero movies hit the big screen, women are beginning to take charge on and off screen. Recently, Sony has decided to add another movie to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) featuring Silver Sable and Black Cat. It will be directed by Gina Prince Bythewood and will be considered an extension of the Spiderman universe.

Silver Sable and Black Cat are two of the lesser known characters who are a part of the Spiderman universe. Silver Sable is a mercenary who hunts war criminals and leads a team called the Wild Pack. She is also a CEO of her own successful company, Silver Sable International, which has a great influence on the national economy. With good intentions, she can be categorized as both a villain as well as an ally to Spiderman. On the other hand, there is Black Cat a.k.a Felicia Hardy. She is a renown cat burglar who has decided to continue her father’s legacy of crime. She has already been introduced into the MCU in The Amazing Spiderman 2. Although she is primarily known as a villain, her fluctuating love interest in Spiderman makes their relationship complicated. The Silver Sable and Black Cat movie chronologically follow the events of Venom.

As the director of the Silver Sable and Black Cat movie, Gina Prince Bythewood will be the first black woman to be at the forefront of a superhero movie. This superhero movie isn’t like the rest either. The movie focuses on two superhero women who are complex. The success of this movie is dependent on what content will be added to the script and what direction she takes while directing the movie.  As a woman directing a movie about women, Bythewood will show the characters in a realistic and relatable light. The success of the Silver Sable and Black Cat movie will hopefully increase the diversity within filmmaking and help pave the way for other minority women directing major projects. Based on her previous work where she directed and wrote, Silver Sable and the Black Cat movie are in great hands.

Bythewood has written for movies like Before I Fall, Beyond the Lights, The Secret Life of Bees, and Love & Basketball. All of these films have risen to fame and are well known to almost anyone who watches movies. Her work in television is on the same level as her work in films. Currently, she created and produces alongside her husband, Reggie, for the controversial FOX show called Shots Fired. She specifically created this show to highlight the national protests and outrage that came from racial tensions and police shootings. As a result, it faces a lot of mixed reviews because of its controversial content. Regardless, it is necessary in showing people across the nation how black people are mistreated and misrepresented by the government and media. Hopefully, Bythewood will bring that same controversial realism to this new MCU superhero flick.

-Amalachi Okpalanma


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