“Girls Trip” Reaches $100M in revenue, Sets New Record

As the summer comes to a close, one of the season’s most fruitful films has made history!  The heartwarming, high energy comedy “Girls Trip” which features an all- black female cast has just topped over $100 million in sales, making it the first African American starring, directed, written, and produced film in domestic box office to accomplish this feat.  Starting from humble beginnings, the movie has grossed more than six times its original budget of around $19 million, since its release date of July 21, 2017, more than exceeding initial expectations.  Media site Baller Alert Inc., recently caught up with director Malcolm Lee at a press event for the film, where he briefly spoke on the early success of the film.  He stated that “with a cast this phenomenal, we were set up to win, and that it is a film for everyone.”  Yes, that includes the fellas! He also went on to explain the idea behind filming live at the Essence Festival this year. He says that it was “In order to capture the idea of bringing womanhood together.  Which was what this movie was all about.”

The film did just that.

Girls Trip” is now among the top five films featuring an all black female lead cast to gross over $100 million, third only to 1992’s Sister Act (Whoopi Goldberg) and 2016’s Hidden Figures (Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monae).

We at Doxygen could not be more proud to acknowledge such a well-deserved accomplishment for everyone involved in the success of this film.

We see you ladies!

-DeShonna Watson


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