Idris Elba Pens New Rap Album


Idris Elba, known for his looks, his accent, his acting and his charm, is now becoming more known for his abilities as a rapper. Elba has been producing music and recording his own titles since 2006 in both the states and in the U.K. But coming off the success of his BBC detective drama Luther, Idris has now decided to create a new album based on that character.

Elba was first influenced to create music based off his characters when he acted as Nelson Mandela in Long Walk to Freedom,” which led the full-length album “Mi Mandela.” This time around, he’s intrigued by the mystery and the technicality of Luther and his entire world.

“Detectives carry a lot of stuff,” he said. “They meet someone who’s done something heinous, but they have to have an objective perspective on them until proven… That could create some really good songs… and definitely an interesting mood, musically.”

The album is tentatively titled “Murder Loves John.”

Will you be checking out Idris Elba’s rhymes?


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