Key and Peele Tackles Black Sentiment with “Negrotown” Sketch


Written By: Socorro Kenoly for Doxygen Media

In case you missed it, the popular Comedy Central duo Key and Peele has sparked social media opinion once again with a sneak peak to their upcoming season. The sketch entitled “Negrotown” is a playful rendition on escaping racism when being stopped by police. After Key’s character is “accidentally” knocked in the head during an unnecessary arrest, he is invited to “Negrotown” by a bum (Peele’s character) in the ally. The magical land features colorful costumes, spontaneous musical numbers, and you guessed it– nothing but black people.

With all the recent controversy around police brutality and race relations in America, the “Negrotown” sketch lightly exhibits black sentiment and forces much needed discussion of the racial aspects of society. With so many key points in the lyrics, how many people will have the “Negrotown” song memorized by the time season 5 of Key and Peele premiers July 8 on Comedy Central?

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