Killer Mike Looking At A Career In Atlanta Schools

Rapper Killer Mike has big plans for himself that have nothing to do with music. Once the famed artist decides it’s time for his rap career to come to a close, Killer Mike would like to immerse himself in education as a part of the School Board in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

This news, which came from Killer Mike (born Michael Renders), emerged during an exchange on Twitter last week, which actually started out by touching on a sensitive and hostile subject. A follower of Killer Mike’s tweeted their opinion after hearing about Drake’s behavior at an after-party that previous Wednesday in Sydney, Australia where Drake had called out a male audience for touching women in the audience without their consent.

The follower’s bitter tweet brought up another incident of the same nature at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago, Illinois the previous summer which both Drake and Killer Mike attended.

The follower’s tweet read,

“I’m pretty sure @therealelp and @KillerMike did this at Lolla months ago. But it’s all good, at least they [stars] saying something.”

This tweet was met swiftly by Killer Mike. The rapper tweeted the response,

“I announce that pretty regularly & I mean it. U touch a woman… umma try n fuck u the fuck up on sight.”

What could have been another interesting social media debacle, took a turn a slightly more inspired place. Another follower of Mike joined in and tweeted,

“@KillerMike you ever think about running for office? ATL [Atlanta] would’ve honored to have you serve.”

That’s when Killer Mike announced his plans. “When I’m done rapping I’m Gonna run for school board,” he tweeted.

This news wasn’t exactly breaking, as Mike has already hinted at the idea ofrunning for the School Board within the last few of months. However, whether that second follower knew it or not, their request had almost became a reality just a couple years ago. In 2015, Mike attempted to launch a campaign to run for office in Georgia. His bid ended up failing due to his failure to get the necessary paperwork in on time.

When his own run fell through, Mike didn’t stop his activism. Instead of campaigning for himself, he began campaigning on behalf of former U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. The rapper was openly disappointed when the Democratic Party nominee for president came to be Hillary Clinton.

“If you’re voting for Trump or Hillary Clinton, you’re voting for the same thing,” he had told a TMZ reporter in 2016.

Killer Mike has been an activist for years, from the endorsement of Sanders, to taking part in interviews on NPR discussing Ronald Reagan and Barack Obamaback in 2012. The ATL native has now shied away from providing his informed, albeit colorful, opinions on topics of interest to the community. He’s discussed the trials and tribulations of raising daughters versus sons, held interviews with societal icons like George Clinton, and, of course, has put in his two cents in the political world.

But it doesn’t appear that politics is on Mike’s radar right now. After seeing so many celebrities speak on their interest, whether genuine or not, to run for some sort of political office, Killer Mike has decided to want to “see more regular people running for office.”

Perhaps it was that revelation that motivated Killer Mike to switch gears towards the education system.

Back in September, Killer Mike did make these intentions clear during an interview with TMZ. He threw out the possibility that in eight years he’d be willing to drop the mic indefinitely and join the School Board.

Based off of Killer Mike’s past interviews as well as his convictions, he’d certainly make for an interesting and possibly refreshing part of the educational system. And at the rate our schools are declining, someone with genuine investment has got to do something…


– Deanna Rose Morgado


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