Logic Says “Hip Hop Is In A Renaissance”


Logic explains why he keeps his personal life relatively private.

While speaking with Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97, Maryland rapper Logic spoke on there being “a renaissance” in terms of how music is being released, specifically in Hip Hop.

According to the musician, popular music went from placing most of its focus on singles to focusing on an entire body of work to shifting focus on singles again. He later revealed that there is currently a handful of Hip Hop artists, including himself, who are more focused on creating an album rather than a single.

“I think 300,000 domestically, so far,” Logic said when asked how much his album, Under Pressure ended up selling. “Which is good. And obviously there were ups and downs from the label, but it’s—Hip Hop is in a renaissance. You know what I’m saying? Back in the day, the pop stars, people like Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Elvis, all these people. It was all about the vinyl. It was all about the single. Then you get to the 50s, 60s, all the way I believe up until the early 2000s, it was the album. Creating an album. There’s always been the one-hit wonders and the people who do singles…And then as of recently, probably mid 2000s up until now, it’s ringtones. Singles are super big again. And so I feel like you have certain artists—I do my best to do it, Kendrick, Cole, Drake. There’s some people out there that really do their best to put together incredible albums.”

Prior to speaking on trends in music, Logic spoke on his personal life. He confirmed that he is getting married and went on to explain why there are certain aspects of his life he prefers to keep private.

“I don’t super keep it secret,” he said. “But there’s levels. And I always tell people when they ask me, I bring up this—You remember ‘Cribs?’ The episode with Mariah Carey. She shows her whole ballin’ ass penthouse in New York. And it’s incredible. At the very end of the episode, she’s at her bedroom and she doesn’t let you go in. She ends the episode there. She says ‘I put my life on the record. I’m in the tabloids. I’m here. I invited you into my home. This bedroom is the one thing that’s mine.’ So, it’s like I talk about my relationship. I whatever. But there’s an extent to what I do. Because as I was saying before the cameras came on, that’s my escape from music. That’s my escape from all this glitz and whatever the hell. I just go to her and I’m normal. And that’s something I don’t necessarily want the world to have.”

Logic’s interview with Peter Rosenberg can be found below.