Man Suspected Of Killing Two Virginia Journalists Reportedly In Critical Condition After Shooting Himself


At 6:45 a.m. Wednesday morning (Aug. 26), Virginia’s WDBJ-TV reporter Alison Parker, 24, and cameraman Adam Ward, 27, were both killed during a live broadcast by a gunman.

The suspect’s identity has been revealed as Vester Flanagan, also known as Bryce Williams. He was described as a “disgruntled former employee” at WDBJ7 who was hired by the news station in 2012 as a general assignment and multimedia reporter, Vice News states.

A pursuit ensued between the police and Flanagan, where it was made known that Flanagan committed suicide around 11:25 a.m. Now, the state police have released an update that Flanagan is still alive and is in critical condition, CBS News reports.

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