Mariah is Here to Stay


Written By: T. Carter

Mariah Carey did not start the year of 2015 off right. Her marriage was ending abruptly with an emotional divorce , while simultaneously undergoing surgery to salvage her vocal pipes. . Her voice even cracked during a live performance. Many people feel she should just retire, but I think the opposite.  Ms. Carey is a gem to the music business.  She actually has talent and besides her diva-like personality, we are all her secret mega fans .

During the Billiard Awards on May 17th 2015, Ms. Carey put all these young so-called singers to shame. She sang a snippet of her first song she released called “Vision of Love” in 1990. Then she gave the audience a preview of her new song, called “Infinity,” and hit a note that no other person can hit— and it just kept going. So, Ms. Carey is not only here to stay on the music scene, but she also maintains a residency in Vegas. The show debuted on May 6th with eight more shows to conclude the month of May, as well as nine shows in July.

Mariah doesn’t need to retire. If you are in Vegas or really need to get away, make sure you catch her show. I am sure it will be worth your money.


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