Mike Epps Spoofs Ghostface Killah’s Action Bronson Ether Video

Check out the future Richard Pryor bringing up Ghostface Killah’s unforgettable warning vlog with his own goofy twist.

“We got this ni**a named Action Bronson…or Burger Bun–or whatever this ni**a’s name is,” Epps began, imitating his the Wu-Tang Clan star’s angry tone and even wearing a similar red sports jacket. To add cherries to the parody, the Epps made sure to have Harold Melvin & the Blue Note’s “Be For Real” playing softly in the background.

Epps piled on the slander: “Let me tell you another thing [Action Bronson]. I got that tour schedule and I know about all the motherf***ing Waffle Houses that you stopping by on the side of the road.
Watch the full Mike Epps Ghostface parody below. Undoubtedly everyone in the world is laughing except his wife.