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  • “Wu Tang Clan: The Saga Continues”

    It was 2014 when the Wu Tang clan, (now deemed as Hip Hop royalty) released their last album A Better Tomorrow to honor the occasion 20 years since the release of their classic debut album Enter the Wu Tang: 36 Chambers (1994). Now Staten Island’s favorite group is back! Rza, who is widely known for […]

  • 5 Reasons Why We NEED Another Outkast Album

    If you are a true Hip Hop Head head and born before 1990, we must assume that you know of one of the South’s most dynamic rap duo’s Outkast. The group that consists of Atlanta natives Andre 3000 and Big Boi, are well known veterans. In a recent interview, 3 Stacks made it clear that […]

  • “The Rap Year Book” To Become an AMC Documentary Series

    Shea Serrano’s 2015 book The Rap Year Book, has been picked up as a 6 episode docu-series for AMC, set to be executive produced by The Root’s Questlove and Black Thought. The project will air as part of the AMC Visionaries project, which aims to tell untold stories from pop culture, by reaching back to...

  • Hip Hop as the US’s Most Popular Music Genre Comes As No Real Surprise

    Coming as no surprise to any true Hip Hop head, Nielson has released data that shows that Hip Hop and R&B have surpassed Rock as the U.S.’s most popular musical genre. They now account for 25.1% of all music consumption, with Rock, the former leader, taking in 23%. Forbes attributes the rise in streaming as a...

  • Chano In Talks to Host New Def Poetry Jam

    Chance the Rapper continues to impress with his acts as a father, artist, philanthropist, and potential government official. If things go according to Russel Simmons’ plan, Chance may be able to add hosting All Def Poetry to that long list. All Def Poetry stems from the popular HBO show, Def Poetry Jam, that aired...

  • If Tomi Lahren Don’t Sit Her Ass Down…

    Somebody tell Tomi Lahren to take several seats, please. While we thought we had seen the last of her, once fired from The Blaze for being too liberal on views of women’s reproductive rights, it seems she has managed to rear her confused little blonde head once again. Seeming to have no awareness of her […]

  • Baltimore Officer Caught Planting Evidence Raises Questions About Body Cam Control

     A video recently surfaced, showing Baltimore Police Officer, Richard Pinheiro, planting “evidence” at a crime scene when his body cam was unknowingly filming. Back in January, prior to “officially” searching for evidence, Pinheiro flanked by two fellow officers, planted a bag of heroin capsules in an...

  • $5 Billion in Student Loan Debt Mysteriously Disappears

    It seems like Christmas has come early this year. People from across the country are rejoicing after finding out that their student loan debt may be erased. Due to improper paperwork, a total of $5 billion in student loans is said to have simply disappeared. The one footing the bill is the National Collegiate Student...

  • Disgraced Officer Indicted for Murder of 15 Year Old Jordan Edwards

      On Monday, former Texas police officer Roy Oliver was indicted on one count of murder and four counts of aggravated assault for the shooting that led to the death of 15 year old Jordan Edwards, back in April. The officer, who was called to the scene due to a report of under aged drinking, […]

  • Fyre Festival Organizer Arrested and Charged with Fraud

      Fyre Festival organizer and co-founder, Billy McFarland was arrested on Friday in connection to fraud charges. The young entrepreneur is accused of creating a scheme to defraud investors, by using his company, Fyre Media, to misrepresent financial information. He was released on bail the next day after appearing...