One Year Anniversary Of Prince’s Death Plagued With Legal Trouble

By Simone Hawthorne

As the one-year anniversary of the death of the Purple One approached, fans were eagerly anticipating the release of new Prince music. Today was the day slated for the release of “Deliverance”, a 6 track EP of previously unheard music from producer George Ian Boxill, recorded back between 2006 and 2008. Fans were able to catch a sneak peek of the title track earlier this week, however, due to a new court order, that’s all they’ll be hearing.

Prince’s estate filed a lawsuit, requesting that the court enact a restraining order, prohibiting Boxill and RMA (Rogue Music Alliance) from releasing any of Prince’s previously unheard tracks. In addition to granting the request, the courts further ordered that Boxill turn over any other recordings he has in his possession. Wednesday morning, the pre-order link that appeared on Apple Music disappeared, allowing those who did pre-order to have access only to the previously released title track, “Deliverance.” RMA contends that the order, only applies to tracks that have not yet been released, disqualifying the track from that category.

The estate contends that Boxill, in releasing these tracks, broke a signed confidentiality agreement that grants Prince sole and exclusive ownership of all tracks recorded with the producer. The claim is that Boxill’s interference can damage the estate permanently and irreparably. However, while the issue seems resolved, the order block the EP’s release is temporary, only lasting until May 3.

While there is no guarantee the EP will be released in the near future, Prince fans shouldn’t give up just yet. A deluxe re-issue of the Purple Rain album is on the way. A triple disc release, the album is believed to be a mix of the original album, edits and extended versions, and an entire disc of previously unreleased songs. The album is slated for release on June 9.



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