Princeton University Students Are Protesting Big Sean’s Performance On Their Campus

Big Sean

The Source reports: 

They’ve accused him of promoting rape culture, and misogyny

Big Sean is expected to headline an outdoor festival event called “Lawn Parties,” on the Princeton University campus this spring. However, several students have petitioned against the performance, alleging that Sean is a supporter of rape culture, and too frequently uses misogynistic lyrics. The petition, started by a couple junior and senior students, makes sure to offer some advice to their undergraduate student government.

Students: In the future, [the undergraduate student government] should strive to bring non-misogynistic acts to campus.

The petition reportedly has over 500 signatures.

One of the primary backers of the petition, junior student David Hosie, was taken aback by some of Sean’s terminology. Prompted by hearing Sean use a profane phrase he uses regularly (“stupid ass b*tch”), Hosie did more research on the Detroit rapper and found that his lyrics were “ both misogynistic and homophobic,” according to a statement Hosie gave to The Princetonian.

Soon thereafter, fliers went up on campus with a specific lyric from Big Sean’s “A$$” remix: “If she look good, she pay me in sex.” That particular song is from his debut album, Finally Famous, and features Nicki Minaj.

The chairman of the student government’s social committee admits the protests will more than likely be futile–it’s unrealistic to try to void the contracts at this point–but there may be a panel set up at the university’s Women Center where those that wish to be heard on this issue can sound off.


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