Quincy Jones Has Big Plans for his 85th Birthday!!


All around media mogul Quincy Jones recently sat down with GQ Magazine to talk about everything from pop music, to his many upcoming endeavors. It seems the upbeat 84 year-old has many wishes for his approaching 85th birthday. Jones is planning a huge birthday bash that is allegedly being hosted by talk show host extraordinaire, Oprah. But, that’s not all:

“We’re doing ten movies, six albums, four Broadway shows, two networks, business with the president of China, intellectual property. It’s unbelievable. I feel like a child, man…I’m just starting.”

The well-known hit maker also mentioned a new 10-part biopic series in development on the producer/actor’s personal journey and musical career. The former CEO boldly went on to profess that he would like to see his character played by the multifaceted entertainer Donald Glover (a.k.a. Childish Gambino).

It is an interesting, but fitting, choice as the two men actually have much in common. When Jones was Glover’s age (34) he had his “Quincy Jones Entertainment” imprint on everything from the progression of long-standing music publications like VIBE and SPIN to the production of Michael Jackson’s hit “Thriller” and Bad” albums. While he wasn’t doing that he was heavily involved in social activism and helping make the careers of the Aretha Franklins, Will Smiths and Frank Sinatras of the world even greater.

On Donald Glover’s part, aside from being a recent Golden Globe/Emmy winner for his successful miniseries Atlanta (new season coming this March on FX), and a Grammy winner for his snazzy single “Redbone”, just like Jones, he is a jack-of-all trades, able to make anything he touches turn to gold. He is also on tap to star in The Lion King and Solo: A Star Wars Story in the coming months.

But no word yet from Glover’s camp, on his possible involvement with Jones’ biopic. But, while it doesn’t have a prospective release date as of yet, perhaps he still has enough of that Quincy Jones magic to pull it off?

We wouldn’t doubt it!



-DeShonna Watson


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