Roc Nation Signs Van Jones To A Management Deal

In a departure from the slew of artists who we’ve seen recently join Jay-Z’s renowned company, Roc Nation has signed CNN Political Analyst and former Obama advisor, Van Jones to its management firm.

Known most recently for using the term “whitelash” as a response to Trump’s election, Jones has been making a name for himself over the last few years for his no holds barred approach to politics and social activism. Jones has made no secret of his pushback against Pro-Trump supporters and the hyper-conservative right that commends the president’s initiatives, policies, and rhetoric.

The signing of Jones is in line with Jay’s recent movements, aligning themselves with the social movements condemning a system that have kept black and brown people oppressed. Jay had this to say about the new partnership:

“Van’s immense capacity for empathy builds bridges… He inspires dialogue and only through conversation and active listening can true change occur. Roc Nation is honored to support and amplify every initiative.”

Van himself said:

“Roc Nation stands for excellence, innovation, and impact, and I am proud to join the family. To make positive change in today’s world, we must close the gaps that exist between artists and activists… cultural leaders and political leaders… taste-makers and change makers…. This partnership opens up the opportunity to do that on a global scale. It’s a bold, unprecedented move. And I’m both humbled and excited by the possibilities.”

It seems with this new signing and all of his recent initiatives, Jiggaman is finally fully responding to his critics who once critiqued the media mogul’s silence on matters of the black community. However, it seems he is finally putting his money and his influence, where the heart of his community is.

We’re excited for the possibilities too, Van.


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