Snoop to Release His Own Line of Smoking Accessories

With the increase in marijuana legalization throughout the country, the product has not been short of investors. The popularity of marijuana for medical as well as recreational use has been on the rise. The opportunity to cash in on this popularity is too good to pass up. And who else would we expect to take advantage of the opportunity than our good old Uncle Snoop? A huge fan of the sticky icky, it really should come as no surprise that Uncle Snoop has invested in the marijuana industry and is launching a new line of marijuana related products.

In collaboration with Famous Brandz, our favorite Uncle is releasing a new line of smoking related products called “Pounds Smoking Accessories”. The accessories consist of intricately designed water pipes (popularly known as bongs, hookahs and shisha) and other add-ons. So far so good, we hear. The product will join Snoop’s previously created cannabis product line “Leafs by Snoop” that was launched in November 2015 in Denver Colorado.

The prices for these accessories range from $129 to $279. According to the Doggfather, the products were designed to ensure premium smoking experiences. With names like Mothership, Rocketship and Starship, don’t be surprised when a hit from these accessories skyrockets you into orbit! The accessories aren’t up on the rapper’s products website aptly, named snoopermarket.com, yet. But we’re sure it won’t be long before they appear. We’ll definitely be waiting. You know… for a friend…

– Afolabi Ashiru




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