“SZA” Has Arrived: And She’s coming For That #1 Spot

Top Dawg Entertainment R&B singer Solana Rowe a.k.a. Sza, may be 2017’s breakout artist of the year. The 27-year old’s debut LP CTRL was named the #1 album of the year by the Associated Press for Performing Arts. Combining feisty feminism mixed with a refreshing vulnerability has earned the talented New Jersey native a universal appeal thus far. The songstress’ melodic flows and innovative sounds have helped propel her widespread popularity as of late. As a result, she continues to elevate toward reigning as the upcoming new face of a generation.

TIME magazine, which also placed the “Weekend” singer at #1 on their list of top albums for 2017, writes:

“Her takes on hookup culture and the pursuit of an authentic life are vividly articulated, too. Like all the best artists, her experience is so specific that it rises to the level of universality: She may be one of a kind, but she’s speaking the truth of a whole generation.”

CTRL is a thrilling blend of relatable storytelling on a journey through love, life and turmoil from a young woman’s perspective, told in a realistic way. Though the laid back singers sound does tend to get redundant at times, her ability to exhibit soft feminism in a non-threatening way is what sets her apart. She is unapologetic, yet pleasingly humble and real, in a way that so many can relate to.

When asked about her inspiration while creating the LP, she told PITCHFORK:

” It’s another representation of the ego mind, the want for control because you can’t accept lack of control. Control is not real, and I’m really understanding that every day. It’s about the acceptance of relinquishing control that makes it powerful for you. I don’t want to speak negativity into existence. I only believe in beautiful opportunity and that’s it. I don’t have any control over what actually happens except for that I have full control over my will for myself, my intention, and why I’m there. That’s all that matters.”

CTRL is up for five Grammy awards for 2017, including Best New Artist. The most nominations for any female artist this year. The project has also been named as one of Rolling Stone’s top 50 albums of the year as well.

Is she next up! We shall see…

So far, so good.

-DeShonna Watson


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