Tarantino Returns with Manson Murder Movie Thriller

Quentin Tarantino is a director well known for putting bloody, gory, and violent films on screens across America. After his 2015 film, The Hateful Eight, Tarantino is returning to tell the story of the Manson murders. This new film is still in the early phases but is expected to start filming in 2018.

The story of the Manson murders is Tarantino’s first movie based off of real life events that fall into the horror and thriller category. In 1969, Charles Manson enlisted a group of his friends called the “Family”. They killed many in the Southern California area but the most famous killing was of Sharon Tate, a pregnant actress. The story of Charles Manson and his groupies has been adapted many times, but Tarantino may be able to add more to the conversation.

Although this story isn’t fictional, Tarantino may have chosen this particular subject because of his personal tie to the Manson Murders. Tate was the wife of director, Roman Polanski, whom Tarantino has collaborated with in the past. This connection with the subject at hand can help Tarantino add some realism to his films. He could potentially display a side of Polanski that the public doesn’t know. Tarantino could potentially portray how a man deals with this level of grief. Although these portrayals are uncharacteristic for Tarantino, it could help give this film more depth and realism amongst all the blood, violence, and gore.

Overall, Tarantino choosing to create a movie about the Manson Murders is a smart move on his part. The story is dark, gory, bloody, and violent which means it is right up his alley. So far, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence are the only ones who have been approached to play in the film, although their potential roles haven’t yet been revealed.

– Amalachi Okpalanma


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