The Ball Is In Your Court Meek


Meek performed in Toronto last night even though there was a rumor that he got held up at the border and unable to perform. Well, he performed, and now he’s waking up to two diss records dropped like a thief in the night. He got that singing-ass rapper to respond.

Drake was fine chasing BBWs, singing his heart out and trying to make a dope album.  I guess he was tired of being bullied around in this rap game. Funny how Drake never responded to Jay Z, Pusha T, or Kendrick Lamar. You Drake allies might have forgotten that though.

Back to Meek, we need him to respond  with an “Ether,” if you will. Twitter is already blowing up with people from Philly saying that he has 24 hours to respond or they’re disowning him. Meek is a sharp battle rapper and he called Drake out. So now, in the famous words of Rick Flare, “To be the man, you gotta beat the man.”  Battling is what Meek does so he should be comfortable. He has the upper hand in that regard.

We know Drake wants to bring Nicki into the equation. But that may backfire because she might provide Meek with ammo. Pillow talk can turn ugly real quick.

I’m just happy with some beef in 2015.

You can listen to the Drake diss tracks here:

Drake – Back to Back Freestyle

Drake – Charged Up