The Breakfast Club’s Change4Change Raises Over $700K


Yesterday, DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne tha God showed the power of the people. In an 18 hour radiothon, the Breakfast Club managed to raise over $700,000 for Harry Belafonte’s non-profit organization “The Gathering for Justice”, providing funding for social justice campaigns, including “The Justice League NYC”, Colin Kaepernick’s “Know Your Rights” Campaign, and “The Women’s March.” Fans from across the country donated whatever they could muster up, from one dollar to thousands.

 However, making it to a lump sum of $700k required a little more than minor donations. Will.i.Am started off the morning, calling in from Africa and donating $20,000. However, on second thought, he called back stating that 20k just wasn’t enough. He upped the amount to $50,000, setting the bar high for all of entertainment’s major players to follow.

Next up, Nick Cannon graced the studio. And while he was open about the fact that he couldn’t match Will.i.Am’s 50k, he could make sure the money was here upfront. He slammed down 20 stacks, cash, right on the table.

Later on in the day, Angie Martinez joined the team during her regularly scheduled set. Together they put in a call to DJ Khaled. Upon hearing that Will.i.Am donated 50, Khaled felt the need to prove that he is indeed the best! He and Asahd (because we know who really makes the decisions), donated $51,000 to become the top donors of the day at that point.

Donations continued to trickle in all day, from fans, celebrities (who chose not to disclose amounts), and other radio personalities. The Breakfast Club each pledged $5k, Angie Martinez contributed, Talib Kweli, Elvis Duran, Jussie Smollett, and Common were just few of the names who sent in their support. However, one name still lingered. Diddy.

As the night drew later, Puffy aka Puff Daddy aka Diddy aka Brother Love seemed more and more distant. However, at about 8pm they got him on the phone. As he spoke about social justice, and the need for US to invest in our own communities and take control of our financial freedom, he apologized as financially he was a little light right now. However, he highlighted his multiple examples of involvement in the movement. But, regardless he would try to donate something. As the Club held their breath, Diddy donated $100,000 to the movement.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Diddy WAS NOT the big contributor ofthe day. A little after 10pm, our hosts made an announcement that surprised even them. Apparently, someone known for anonymous contributions gave permission for the club to disclose who they were, insisting though that the gift be in the name of his organization, rather than in his name alone. The Marshall Mathers Foundation donated $150,000 to “The Gathering for Justice.” And as Charlamagne pointed out, this, as well as Eminem’s numerous contributions using his platform to speak against the wrongs of injustice in this country, highlights the power of white allies in the movement.

Although I’m sure many of us had hopes of breaking $1million, something even more powerful happened yesterday. Across the country, people united for a cause and with intent to help contribute to something great. At moments it was almost emotional hearing people send in what they had, whether it be thousands, or $15 of the $20 they had planned on putting into their gas tank to get to pay day. It was mass recognition that the whole was greater than the individual. And people showed out to make sure they did their part.

Now if for some reason you were unable to give or were unaware of the fundraiser, the Breakfast Club still wants to give you an opportunity to donate. Donations will still be accepted through Thanksgiving. Just visit www.bcchange4change.com or text “Change” to 52182 to do your part.  Every little bit helps.



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