The Fruit That’s a Perfect Hangover Cure


Complex reports that we might finally have a hangover cure on our hands that actually works. According to a group of scientists, pears help reduce your chances of getting a hangover if eaten before your evening trip to the club.

Researchers from the horticultural branch of Australia’s national science agency (also known as the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization) wrote about this discovery on their blog. They found that pear juice—and especially Korean pear juice—affects key enzymes that deal with the process of metabolizing alcohol. The result is that your body is faster at metabolizing alcohol, or that the absorption of alcohol is inhibited altogether.

The research group said that drinking pear juice before imbibing “significantly reduced” the severity of hangovers, and improved their subjects’ ability to concentrate. (If you’ve ever woken up on Saturday morning and had trouble doing the simplest of tasks, you know what they’re talking about.) It doesn’t work, however, if you drink the pear juice after turning up.

Professor Manny Noakes, the project’s lead researcher, also said that this is just a “preliminary scoping study,” and there is still more research to be done. So tonight, if you feel so inclined, do the world of scientific research a favor and test out this magical hangover cure for yourself. Submit any and all research papers to tips@complex.com.