The Producers of “Get Out” Are Bringing Us A New Superhero: Young, Black, & Unstoppable

By: Ajaia Spicer

Blum House Productions, the powerhouse behind the surprise hit “Get Out”, is set to bring us a sci-fi thriller, starring a new type of superhero. “Sleight”, the origin story of a Black teenager with supernatural powers, is set to be released at the end of this month.

Starring R&B sensation, Jacob Latimore, “Sleight” tells the story of Bo, whom after losing his parents, works during the day as a street magician to support the younger sister he now has custody of. However, his nighttime survival is another story. Bo is forced to grow up fast while trying to survive hustling in the streets at night. Bo’s hustle includes working for a dealer, played by Dulé Hill, known for his role on the HBO hit series “Ballers”. However, when things go awry, Bo is forced to sharpen his own supernatural talents (which made him a great magician) in order to save his little sister.

Writer/Director J. D. Dillard has stated that he was able to build the characters from his childhood memories and imagination. He continued to say that he felt the film is relevant to the current times, allowing black teens to see representations of themselves on the big screen. It also helps that this film will tie into the current hype of another highly anticipated black superhero with Marvel’s release of “Black Panther”.

Sleight was featured at the Sundance Film Festival last year and received great feedback, leading it to receive a distribution deal. Slated for original release on April 7, the movie will now be premiering at a theater near you on April 28th.

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