Unreleased Police Report Proves Unnecessary Force Used In Martese Johnson Case


Written By: Larry Davis (@vijzion)

On the night of St. Patrick’s Day, Martese Johnson, the boy that is shown in this photo, was brutally injured. Sources say that this incident started when Johnson went into a bar and tried to purchase alcohol. Johnson tried to purchase the alcohol; however, his offer was rejected because of his age. So instead of starting an argument or fight, Johnson politely walked out of the bar. As he was walking out of the bar, he was stopped by an Alcohol and Beverage Commission Officer. The officer asked Johnson for his identification card and Johnson respectfully complied. From there on, the situation got kind of hectic. Johnson went from giving an identication card to a policeman to getting slammed on ground as well as receiving a gash on his head.

Approximately two months later, Terry McAuliffe, the governor of Virginia commissioned an unreleased police report that was filed on Martese Johnson. Within that report, it was reported that Johnson was not intoxicated. Also, there witnesses who stated that the twenty year old wasn’t drunk. So to justify their wrong doing, the Alcohol and Beverage Commission officer backtracked by stating that the only reason why he attacked Johnson because he believed that Johnson obtained a false identification card.

As an ABC agent, it is their responsibility to make sure that no one is walking or driving down the street with a false identication card as well as a breathe full of alcohol. However, the way that this particular officer handled this situation with Johnson was unacceptable. Instead of slamming this man into the ground, he should have questioned him. If he felt that Johnson wasn’t being sincere, then he should either called Johnson’s parents or sent him to a police station. There wasn’t any need in causing bodily harm.

Should the Alcohol and Beverage Commissioner Officer be punished for how he treated Martese Johnson? Share your opinion.


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