We Can Finally Take A Stroll Down “Do The Right Thing Way” In Brooklyn


Spike Lee’s legendary 26-year-old film Do The Right Thing has reached new heights. And because of its iconic legacy, Mayor Bill De Blasio has decided to name Stuyvesant Avenue in Brooklyn, Do The Right Thing Way in honor of Lee’s iconic 1989 film.

Do The Right Thing Way will only be on Stuyvesant between Quincy Street and Lexington Avenue, which is the exact location of where the movie was filmed. In addition, it’s worth noting that New York City has a total of 51 renamed streets, according to the Mayor’s office.

Though this re-name took some time due to legal impediments, Mayor De Blasio’s office did not forget to express their gratitude for those who, like Spike, have been cultural shifters and influencers worth getting a concrete tangible street type of credibility.

“Our city has a long and powerful history, brimming with dedicated New Yorkers who have fought to improve their communities in countless ways – from public service to community activism to the arts,” De Blasio said. “It is essential that we commemorate those who have built up our past as we work to build a better future for our city. This legislation ensures that we remain connected to our history and to the important values embodied by these individuals.”

Congrats, Spike!

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