What they didn’t tell you about Two Chainz’ Pink Trap House

If you love the culture like we do, you for sure know about Two Chainz’s latest promotional tool for his new album “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music”. A Pink Trap House, which featured the Trap Salon, was Atlanta’s Premiere pop up shop to end all pop up shops. But before they moved the Pink Box Chevy from in front yard, it was all over IG.  Now if you’re familiar with the culture, you know what “trap” is: drug trafficking culture. A “trap house” is where they cook crack. But while a lot of people were criticizing the incorporation of a drug house being glorified, you might have missed the point. Those of us from the area, like myself, grew up seeing Tity do community service for the kids regularly. He’s for the culture. At it’s core, the Pink Trap real estate pop up is an expression of black excellence in more ways than one.

First of all, real estate. The trade fixtures affixed to the Pink Trap Salon exemplifies pop up shop glamour. The inside decorations of throw pillows and everything pink is perfect because after all, PRETTY girls DO like trap music. Pretty girls get their hair, nails and toes done. Pretty, black girls support black owned businesses. The public relations tactic of a pop up shop is a staple for any brand. And with this one, even Atlanta natives flocked to these “new” tourist attractions. Tity leased a whole house and painted it pink. Put a Pink Box Chevy and a pink stove in the front. It’s just good PR.

Talk about boasting black business. On the inside of the house, there was an art gallery featuring local artists. The venue hosted Paint Sip-n-Vibes. The Trap Clinic spread awareness about HIV and even provided free HIV testing. Fitness classes with various trainers were even taught. Trap Church was led by Pastor Michael Wortham. The sermon encouraged the swarming youth to get involved with local community organizations that work to improve the lives of people in some of the roughest neighborhoods. The house was even so popular, the V103 Car and Bike Show has created a replica to be housed at their event, where 2Chainz will be performing, for those of us who couldn’t make it to the house before it was repainted white. And although local businesses were complaining about parking, with any new tourist attraction comes the issue, so what makes the Pink Traphouse any different?

But for all these positives, why is the world choosing to focus on the negative? Drugs are a reality. And although it’s not to be glorified, it’s very real. Rap music has always been a reflection of what goes on in these rough neighborhoods. We know Two Chainz’s heart. And there’s just no way his marketing strategy should be overlooked. It was genius. So while others are knocking the Pink Traphouse. I’m going to go ahead and give it a 5 Star Rating for the culture. Black culture, Pink Trap houses and pretty girls that like trap music, how can you go wrong.

-Socorro Kenoly


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