YFN Lucci’s “Long Live Nut” Review

By Nicole N

YFN Lucci, a 26-year-old rapper from Atlanta, just released his EP “Long Live Nut”. This 5 star EP is creating buzz on Social Media and fans have a lot to say about this rising star.

Well known for tracks like, “Key To The Streets” and “Make Em Feel Me”. Lucci has been associated with top artists in the game such as Migos, Gucci Mane and more. In 2014 he signed to Think it’s A Game Entertainment where he became noticed for his unique voice. As a result, the rapper’s local ATL based fame, is spreading worldwide. His lyrical swag is like none other; His voice is unique, his bars are on point and his musical vibe can only be described as chill.

Lucci’s debut ‘Long Live Nut’ was released on April 4,2017, a tribute to honor his late friend Nut’s birthday. Nut passed away in 2015 after being shot in a drive by shooting.

The 9 song extended play offers special guest appearances by Rick Ross, Lil Durk, Dreezy, Boosie Badazz, PNB Rock and YFN Trae Pound. The entire EP is absolutely exceptional. The songs are My top tracks would have to be “Way Up”, “Heartless”, and “Turn They Back”. “Heartless” is trap music, Lucci expresses his feelings about life while shouting out his friend Nut….DOPE! So Dope, I even put together a little song list review….Hope you like it.

Song Reviews

#1 “Way Up” (prod. by June James and Ramy On The Beat)

The opening track offers an intense spur as Lucci speaks about making it to the top and set backs in his life. It offers motivation and dedication, which inspires fans to achieve their goals. The beat is hot, sort of relaxing, but trap at the same time.

  1. Heartless” Feat. Rick Ross and Bigga Rankin (prod. by Will-A-Fool)

This trap joint is what you call gangster music. Lucci speaks about hustling and shares his feeling “lately I been Heartless”.

  1. Ammunition” Feat. Trae Pound

This track is for all the gun lovers out there. Lucci speaks about guns, guns, and more guns.

  1. Been Broke Before” (prod. by June James and OG Parker)

Another Track about life. This song is deep and Lucci can relate to all the people going through the struggle. This is inspirational for people living in the ghetto. Lucci speaks about back in the days when he was broke, he came from the bottom now he got everything.

  1. 10AM” Feat. Dreezy (prod. by Tino)

This Bonnie and Clyde type track is relatable to all the ride or die couples out there. Lucci also speaks about trapping and being a boss.

  1. Everyday We Lit” Feat. PnB Rock

This song and video is hot. The title says it all. Its about living the good life. In the video Lucci and his crew is surrounded by females, relaxing in good weather, chilling on yachts, the whole nine. He went all out for this track.

  1. Never Worried” (prod. by June James and Ramy On The Beat)

In this track, Lucci speaks about being fearless, but focused. The beat is hot, the vibe is powerful, fierce track.

  1. Turn They Back” Feat. Lil Durk (prod. by Donis Beats)

He speaks about fake friends who turn their back on him but he is rich now so that’s irrelevant.

  1. Testimony” Feat. Boosie BadAzz (prod. by OG Parker)

What a perfect way to end the album. In this testimonial track Lucci speaks about fake friends, life etc. Lucci and Boosie killed this track The beat is slow but hard and Lucci tease a few confessions on his life.

All the songs are unique, “Long Live Nut” proves that Lucci is lyrically talented and can be a positive influence on young individuals. For them, this EP needs to be heard. It’s about life, achievements, and goals, something that many people can relate to.

Fans on social media have had a lot to say about the rapper. One fan says “Lucci Killin the game” another says “He better than most rappers”. With millions of views on YouTube and other social media, this local star is slowly becoming a top rapper.


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